Hi, Im Vlad. 

founder of Body By Vlad.

About Vlad
I have been helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals since 2010. Using the Body by Vlad I was able to help over 350 clients achieve their health and fitness goals. I love helping my clients transform their lives. I specialize in weight loss, pain management, and nutritional coaching. I am bilingual (English + Russian). I care about my client’s needs and strive to make each and every experience memorable. Each person is unique in their own way which requires individualized programming. Individualized programming helps our clients achieve effective and lasting results, injury free. I educate every one of my clients on correct form, nutrition, different styles of training, corrective exercise, exercise terms, and more!
As of now I hold 3 certifications. NASM (National School of Medicine) CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), and NEESTA (Fitness Nutrition Coach).
About BBV Custom Programs
Using NASM’s OPT model to train my clients, I am able to start my client in the first phase which is stabilization and move to the last phase, if appropriate, which is power training. I create every program to fit the client and their goals. Before starting any training program with a new client I have my client fill out a PAR-Q form. I also perform multiple assessments to determine the current fitness level of my client. Understanding my client’s current fitness level helps me create a custom program tailored to the individuals goals, which yield’s fast results.




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