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    Hi, my name is Vlad and my specialty is helping my clients achieve weight loss. I have been changing lives since 2013, helping over 250 clients achieve their fitness goals. As of now I hold 3 certifications. NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), CES (Corrective exercise specialist), and NEESTA (Fitness nutrition coach). I am determined to help you accomplish your goals! Body By Vladi was created to help people reach their fitness goals. We care about our clients and want each and every experience to be memorable. Each person is unique in their own way which requires individualized programming. I take assessments with each client to help ensure an injury free experience. I use NASM’s OPT model to train my clients. There are 5 phases to the OPT model. We start off with the first phase which is stabilization and move to the last phase, if appropriate, which is power training. I create every program to fit the client and their goals. Before starting any training program with a new client I will have my client fill out a PAR-Q, health & fitness assessment sheet, and perform full body assessments. This will help me understand my client better and help me create a better program which will result in faster results. I am dedicated to my clients and will do anything it takes to help you achieve your goals. I educate every one of my clients on correct form, nutrition, different styles of training, corrective exercise, exercise terms, and more!

    Effectively worked with:Positively affected:
    Pre/Post partumShin Splints
    Heart MurmursHypertension
    A-Fib (Atrial fibrillation)Sciatica
    Shoulder impingementsDiastasis recti
    Mild aortic valve scleriousThoracic Kyphosis
    ScoliosisHigh Cholesterol
    Patella tendon ruptureDiabetes (Type l/Type ll)
    Various strains and sprainsWeight loss
    LupusLow back pain
    Rheumatoid arthritisHip pain & Knee pain
    Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH)Posture
    OsteoarthritisRange of motion in joints
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Start our 3 month transformation to transform your life! 
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